PRESS RELEASE: December 4, 2023

Sucheta Kamath, Founder and CEO of ExQ® for School, a patented, individualized curriculum designed to teach Executive Function, announces the addition of a new team member, Dr. Pam Smith as Partnership Development Director. Pam joins ExQ with a focus on expanding and growing the ExQ network and developing strong collaborative partnerships within the academic community and education channel.

Dr. Pam Smith

CEO, ExQ, Sucheta Kamath shares, “Pam brings an extensive background in strategic partnership development to our team. We are thrilled to welcome her as we network across the state of Georgia and around the country to build strong awareness about the value and importance of teaching Executive Function in Middle and High Schools. We are especially excited about Dr. Smith’s combination of hands-on experience as a classroom teacher, a district staff developer, a principal with a background in educational pedagogy, and her dedication to creating shared success for students, teachers, schools, and communities. During this pivotal time as schools seek to address learning loss, literacy, mental health and wellness, teacher recruitment and retention, and professional development, we are excited to have Pam help us share ExQ, a rigorous curriculum that is designed to help students learn the cognitive Executive Function skills they need to become resilient, independent learners prepared for success in their future lives.” 

Dr. Smith is excited to join the growing ExQ Partnership team, sharing, “My most recent experience in an executive partnership development role has provided opportunities to build a strong team across the national K-12 market segment, stay current with market trends, and collaborate to establish and maintain strategic partnerships that result in meaningful outcomes for our students. As a Partnership Development Director, establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships that help students set and accomplish their own goals, as well as, help teachers thrive is our shared goal!”

About ExQ®: ExQ is a patented digital technology designed to directly build the mastery of Executive Function through lessons and teaching methodologies focused on games, error analysis, and metacogntive reflection. Learn more about implementing Executive Function curriculum with ExQ® for School at