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We know that Executive Function skills help students and people of all ages cope during normal times, and these skills are needed even more during stressful times like our current national emergency. We care deeply about teachers and students, and we want to support them by offering a curriculum that will provide immediate foundational knowledge, but may also empower you to share strategies to help our families stay calm, resilient and retain ongoing enthusiasm for learning.

For a limited time, ExQ is offering an eight week Executive Function Pilot Program for Middle and High Schools

What is ExQ?

Rooted in more than 20 years of cognitive neuroscience and Executive Function training expertise, ExQ® is a cloud-based patented system designed to enhance the brain’s Executive Function through personalized game-based training that focuses on teaching students to learn how to learn.

ExQ offers teaching value for schools:

  • Immediate, cloud-based implementation (no software downloads)
  • Easy onboarding with online portal featuring resources
  • Active teaching–not passive assignments
  • Virtual coach provides guidance with individualized feedback
  • Teachers can see if students are engaged in real-time, and reach out with recommended encouragement and interventions
  • Students learn through online games, virtual coaching, and M-E-T-A (Mindful Examination of Thinking and Awareness)™ training that includes metacognitive video lessons and video journaling
  • Measurable, secure progress data and reporting

ExQ offers learning support for students by teaching social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

Strategies for managing distractions and increasing mental effort in new learning from home settings

Working Memory
Helping students learn ways to use and apply information to complete tasks, assignments and chores

Prospective Memory
Strategies for helping students envision their future selves and how changing habits today will help them in their future

Organization & Planning
Tips for prioritizing new goals for eLearning and managing new independent routines

Mental Flexibility
Strategies for helping students learn new ways to engage, study, read, and communicate in a virtual classroom

Problem Solving
Learning how to shift to plan B, when plan A isn’t working

Exercises for self-reflection to help students manage emotions like fear, boredom, worry and sadness

Want to Teach Students How to
Stress Less & Achieve More?
Know How with the
ExQ® Pilot Program!

Know How with the ExQ® Pilot Program!
  • Staff Training and School/Family Onboarding resources
  • Two Week Onboarding and Assessment process, including individualized ExQ Learning Profiles for each student
  • Five full ExQ Lessons
  • Teacher Portal with Data and Engagement Tracking Systems
  • Access to free webinars and podcasts
  • Progress review and satisfaction conversation
  • Reduced pricing to purchase remaining 15 lessons of ExQ

Three easy steps to get started today:

  • Complete the sign up form below

  • Teacher participates in virtual onboarding (one hour online ZOOM video meeting with ExQ)

  • Curriculum is launched to all students virtually through cloud based, secure log-in credentials

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