Well Done!

We appreciate
all you do.

Keep learning HOW to learn!

Your child has completed their ExQ for Home Semester One training course! We hope that you are witnessing the changes in your child’s self-awareness and ability to pause and reflect to rethink learning.

To help your student continue the practice of Executive Function skills, register today for ExQ for Home Semester Two training lessons.

Help your student stay engaged in their own learning with ten additional weeks of learning how to enhance Executive Function skills such as Focus, Organization & Planning, Prospective Memory, Mental Flexibility, Working Memory, and Problem Solving.

What Parents Can Do

Students need an Executive Function culture at home that encourages expansive discussions about failures and welcomes new ideas and different points of views.

Going forward, help students make a specific plan to do their weekly training.

Ask your student what their ExQ journey has been like. Explore their thoughts about the games, what made them fun, what parts were challenging, and discuss ways to see the benefit in learning the how to learn process in everyday life.

Set aside a designated time for regularly scheduled family meetings to discuss the lessons and strategies learned, stressors, and the opportunities for future collaboration using new tools.

Help maintain a list of personal challenges encountered by family members and revisit these issues and unexpected learning barriers to assess the reasons and the resulting consequences in order to cultivate a collective problem-solving mindset.

Finally, maintain a list of “family wins” (successful ways family members have solved problems) and revisit situations to see what factors made working through to a new resolution possible. Always take time to celebrate family successes and express gratitude for these learning achievements.

When your student’s ExQ work becomes reflected in their daily lives, this new way of mindful thinking and effortful behavior will become self-evident.

Why Continue with ExQ Second Semester?

Students with strong Executive Function skills are able to focus on their goals, follow-through with instructions independently, get started with work when necessary, ask for help when appropriate, and work with others collaboratively and harmoniously. ExQ for Home Semester Two is here to help students continue mastering these skills so that they further build three critical pillars of independence:


This is the brain’s ability to determine our own strengths and challenges and navigate towards better outcomes for the future-self. ExQ believes training the brain to take on the challenge of cultivating and enhancing mindful awareness helps to bring about a change in attitude, approach, and advocacy.


Our ability to deal with unexpected roadblocks or handle undesirable or unfavorable outcomes by seeing what other people see and, learning to go with the flow with an adaptive mindset is called Mental Flexibility. ExQ believes practicing Executive Function helps shift rigid viewpoints, accept unfavorable feedback, collaborate with others, and willingly compromise to reach a common solution.


The brain’s ability to get to the bottom of a challenging problem and break it down to reach an effective solution is called Problem Solving. This is the skill we use to move ahead in a new and useful way by persisting to meet self-set expectations. ExQ believes practicing Executive Function skills helps us learn to pause to assesses situations and enables us to remove obstacles in order to achieve goals.

What’s New?

  • Personalized online curriculum promoting a deeper dive into the nine areas of Executive Function
  • Module-specific Executive Function game-based training that adapts and increases complexity based on previous student performance and ongoing identified challenges with scaffolded support
  • Weekly individualized feedback about performance accuracy, self-awareness, success in self-correction, and strategic thinking
  • New video teaching series that focuses on emotional regulation and goal-directed effort
  • Continued opportunities to self-reflect and document through written and video journaling
  • Tailored in-game goals and learning to link curriculum to real-life strategies
  • Cloud-based access to an Executive Function ExQ Profile, TIPS (Targeted Insightful Personalized Strategies) and measurable results data summarized in a Progress Report
  • Ten new Executive Function lessons based on the initial ExQ Learning Assessment and Profile

Pricing: $900 per student