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Executive Function

Executive Function is the set of mental skills that is used to manage our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to achieve goals ~ chosen BY self FOR self. Specifically, Executive Function skills help us persist toward goals during challenge, interruption, and uncertainty.

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Executive Function in the Everyday

Executive Function affects every part of our everyday lives, including our sense of self, our performance, and social interactions. Here’s a day-in-the-life of a healthy EF ecosystem…

The Parent

  • More constructive quality time and open conversation with your child
  • More clarity into their inner-world, including their perspective on their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Greater harmony at home and within the family dynamic as your child gains more confidence and sense of self
  • ​​Increased communication opportunities about shared goals and values
  • Stronger resilience to tackle issues and challenges resulting from your child’s enhanced self-awareness
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The Student

  • Putting your backpack in the same place when you come home from school
  • Writing your “to do” list each night before your start your homework
  • Keeping a calendar of project deadlines and steps along the way
  • Removing clutter and distractions from your area while you work
  • Remembering to put your books and supplies in your backpack

The Teacher

  • More attentive and engaged learners in the classroom
  • Less disruptive behaviors in groups due to enhanced self-control of individual students
  • More self-directed learners who are able to followthrough with directions and meet implicit expectations
  • Increased quality of one-to-one student instruction as students are able to advocate for themselves and seek help for personal challenges
  • ​Greater opportunity for increased conversation about academic goals as well as overarching learning goals
  • More time spent teaching due to less time spent managing behavioral issues
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BLOG: Executive Function in Everyday Life!

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