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Lead Education with Executive Function

Professional Development Series
for Educational Leaders!

For the first time, schools can offer exclusive Executive Function professional development content to train your educators (teachers, counselors, coaches, and administrators) about the importance and value of introducing Executive Function skills in our schools. Join Sucheta Kamath, CEO & Founder, ExQ® for this motivational series designed to challenge and empower.

Teach Infinite Know How

ExQ offers administrators tools for helping teachers, parents, and students learn how to learn and insights to help you encourage their optimal potential by enabling them to be more aware of the mental processes they employ and new thought processes that are likely to lead to success in all areas of life.

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ExQ for School

ExQ for School is a cloud-based, patented curriculum for Middle and High Schools designed to help your students build Executive Function skills like focus, organization, planning, goal setting and self-efficacy.

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