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ExQ helps learners focus far beyond the college application process. The question isn’t can a smart student get into college, but rather will he or she thrive using their full potential, and manage college life independently?

ExQ Powers Potential for Independence

Exercising independence in college requires far more proficiency in Executive Function than is needed to get through high school, where close to 40-50 hours of a student’s time is accounted for in school, and an additional 15-20 hours are dictated by after school activities including sports, theater/arts, volunteering, and even work. Since students live with their parents, the parents are often the ones who observe, coordinate, or even supervise to make sure that the remaining time is utilized for important and relevant tasks. Such careful guidance, regulation, or supervision is absent in college. The college student now has to take on the role of parent, coach, teacher, and mentor all at the same time as he or she navigates the vast amount of unstructured time.

Students who have proficient skills in the area of Executive Function transition seamlessly and switch between work and play or play and work easily and readily without losing a beat; achieving goals and meeting deadlines creates no pressure or imbalance.

ExQ has several critical skills-training centered around staying focused on goals, and learning to switch between tasks with greater ease. ExQ’s patented technology provides college students the opportunity to train their brain to assess errors, gain more knowledge of self, and capture that learning by designing strategies for personal progress.

Achieving goals and managing time is more than using a timer, or keeping a calendar. The art of imposing deadlines, breaking tasks into smaller chunks, and meeting self-set goals requires tremendous Executive Function skills. The key ingredients for effective Executive Function are self-directed attention and mindfulness, task assessment, creating order and sequence in the middle of chaos, flexibly changing one’s approach, and keeping an open mind even when things are hard.

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