BLOG: Executive Function in Everyday Life!

By Sucheta Kamath, MA, CCC-SLP

We All Are Natural Copycats: Rock-Paper-Scissors & Classroom Behaviors

We All Are Natural Copycats: Rock-Paper-Scissors & Classroom Behaviors

A while ago, in a paper published by cognitive neuroscientist Richard Cook from the UCL Department of Cognitive, Perceptual, and Brain Science, players of the game rock-paper-scissors subconsciously copied each other’s hand gestures causing it to substantially increase the chance of ending the game in a draw.

To explore the prospect of the role of imitation, the researchers created two conditions under which 45 recruited participants played the game of rock-paper-scissors. In the first condition, both players were blindfolded. In the second, one player was blindfolded and the other was not. They even raised the stakes by adding a financial incentive to encourage the players to aim to win and avoid drawing.

Learning by Observation: Teachable Moments

Learning by Observation: Teachable Moments

Saturday is a workday for folks in India. When I was in high school, my father used to take my brother and I to his office for hours on end. He worked as a materials manager wheeling and dealing with hydrochloric acid and benzene.

Failure IS an Option
Recover as Soon as You Discover

A very moving incident occured in my practice a while back. James, a young college bound student, came into my office with the face of a lost puppy, an expression of disappointment with a hint of self-loathing. Here is what he told me…
Learning by Observation: Teachable Moments

What’s Uncommon About Common Sense? Ten Ways of Identifying Executive Dysfunction

I often say, pracitcing good Executive Function skills is like taking a daily shower. “No one compliments you for looking clean and smelling fresh, but it’s guaranteed that everyone will...
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MENTAL GPS: Take Me Where I Need to Go

Many people hear the term Executive Function, but most of us don’t really understand what it is and how it works. One of the easiest ways to describe the important set of mental processes called Executive Function, is to think about the GPS we are all familiar with in our car ...