ExQ is a patented research-informed system designed to enhance the Learner’s executive function through game-based personalized training.

Our exclusive ExQ curriculum prompts thinking to ignite processes essential for academic, emotional, and social well-being. Through the strengthening of executive functioning, ExQ develops skills core to your student’s success in academics, in sports, in the arts, and in relationships. Our program of interactive games teaches students to learn HOW to learn, empowering the whole child to achieve their maximum potential in school, at home, and in life, and do it with all they’ve got.

We’ve learned that educators want personalized curriculum that teaches students about their own cognitive abilities, enabling them to be more aware of their individual mental processes, to build resiliency, and cope with the ever-changing demands imposed by our multifaceted world. ExQ provides a research-informed curriculum, individualized assessments, feedback, and learning from error analysis through personalized coaching based on each student’s own individual strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, ExQ offers teachers and parents insights, providing a new lens to view and support each child’s unique adaptive abilities, and the path to infinite know how.

ExQ is a patented brain-training software using innovative games that encapsulate 20 years of Sucheta Kamath’s executive function training success. The ExQ training methodology helps foster a host of academic, social, and emotional learning benefits that are applicable to all facets of academic, athletic, artistic, and community endeavors including:

  • Capacity for diving deep into thinking
  • Self-discovery and avoidance in learning
  • Mental endurance to resist distractions and produce an orderly work flow
  • Easier identification of individual goals
  • Self-directed problem-solving
  • Short-term thinking (grades and social achievements), and big-picture planning (future-self goals)
  • Whole-child proficiency and independence

ExQ may be an ideal candidate for alignment with your school’s curriculum, or your child’s academic needs. Specifically, ExQ can be the toolset and process that helps students build self-efficacy through a variety of mechanisms including:

  • Providing tools for improving student learning at all levels in deeper, more meaningful, and enduring ways through real-life application
  • Serving as the process for student engagement, self-knowledge, and critical inquiry
  • Increasing instructional efficacy and productivity through personalized error analysis and coaching
  • Helping students solve problems by learning through real-life challenges and roadblocks
  • Facilitating students to learn how to think about the needs of others and practice putting others first

ExQ helps students achieve their optimal results by making foundational skills stronger through cognitive skill-building, performance analysis, adaptive experiences, and self-awareness training. ExQ helps students bridge the gap between learning and how to apply learning to life, by focusing on training nine core executive functions:

  1. Self-Efficacy (Self-Awareness)
  2. Attention, Metacognitive Awareness & Self-Monitoring (Focus)
  3. Working Memory
  4. Organization, Goal Setting & Time Estimation (Organization & Planning)
  5. Remembering to remember & Future Planning (Prospective Memory)
  6. Cognitive Flexibility & Perspective Taking (Mental Flexibility)
  7. Organization & Goal Setting
  8. Emotional Resilience
  9. Strategic Thinking

The ExQ training program provides students with the tools for learning how to learn and supports the educators’ goals to the train its students with the know-how for infinite, lifelong learning. Rooted in 20+ years of cognitive neuroscience, this investment in your students’ executive function is an investment not only in academic success, but a tool for developing greater self-awareness and stronger motivation to lead, inspire, and contribute. Package elements include:

  • Patented online curriculum to include exclusive executive function training, games, videos, error analysis, and personal assessments
  • Individual profile based on an assessment of nine core executive functions (including Self-Awareness , Focus, Working Memory, Organization and Planning, Prospective Memory, Problem Solving, Mental Flexibility/Perspective Taking, Strategic Thinking and Emotional Resilience)
  • A step-by-step tailored student training program based on the personalized ExQ Profile
  • Interactive game-training includes two, 20-minute personalized sessions per week
  • Executive Function module-specific training games with self-selected complexity (level of challenge)
  • Weekly skill building and feedback regarding self-awareness, self-correction, and self-monitoring
  • Personalized in-game goals linking learning to real-life strategies
  • Strategy-centered interactions with an in-game coach
  • Online executive function training and games
  • Cloud based access to the Teacher’s Administrative Portal

ExQ package pricing is tiered to scale over time with increased adoption, training, and implementation. Please contact us directly for more information on our custom package pricing.

ExQ supports student learning with a patented approach to personalized instruction, through our unique virtual AI-based coaches.  At the start of ExQ training, each learner selects a virtual coach.  After their initial Executive Function learning assessment, the student’s learning experience is dynamic and individualized based on their unique learning strengths and challenges.  The sequencing, depth, frequency and complexity of the training varies based on the student’s own engagement and adapts over time, in real time, based on the learner’s actions.  The virtual coach offers learning tips, strategies and encouragement by helping the student learn from their own mistakes and prompts them to consider new ways to ask for help, shift mindsets, and practice critical thinking skills.  The coach is not a real person, instead, the virtual coach is available online throughout the training to support the student in their own learning journey at the moment of learning.  Being able to support the continuous improvement of learning through virtual methods is extremely important, especially during times of remote classrooms. ExQ virtual coaches have the ability to offer feedback, encourage support, and provide opportunities to improve learning practices, helping students connect their own learning behaviors to their actions in real time. The ExQ AI virtual coach is a vital part of your student’s learning team, working alongside teachers, parents, caregivers, and other managers of ExQ implementation.