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“No one can improve their executive functioning or weaknesses until they know exactly what they are … and that awareness will move you forward.”

– Head of School

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“As a parent I value my child’s ability to self-govern and self-assess because it only adds value for them. Whether it’s the ability to know how to study, or the ability to know how to retain information or multi-task, all of that helps. If they can be the best they’re intended and created to be, then that’s what I want for them.”

– Parent

Focused Worker

“The things I learned from the ExQ coaches… it’s okay to make mistakes. You take deep breaths. I learned how to ask for help more if I needed it. It just really spoke to me.”

– Student

African American teacher with student

“The teacher preparation for ExQ has been so simple! It’s probably the easiest thing we’ve ever implemented in our school.”

– Curriculum Director

“I would describe EXQ as a tool to help you learn how to help yourself. And how to know about yourself.”

– Student

Take a Deeper Dive

Ready to learn more about Executive Function and how ExQ can help? Please visit our resources page to view, download and share our publications and presentations.

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What does science say about the value and importance of teaching Executive Function curriculum?

This past year, ExQ partnered with EdDive to better understand how secondary schools teach Executive Function (EF) skills in the US, where gaps might be and how gaps can be filled. We surveyed 134 leaders in education and district administrators on the topic of teaching Executive Function skills. We looked at their attitudes toward Executive Function skills and the barriers that may need to be overcome to implement EF curriculum in middle and high schools across the country. Download the report to learn how Executive Function skills are the foundation for all learning.

In addition to our own survey, many third party organizations have affirmed the importance of directly teaching students Executive Function skills. Here is what the science reveals…

Brain Futures confirms the evidence is clear: every school in the U.S. should adopt an Executive Function program and Executive Function training should be a standard component of teacher certification programs.

NCER (National Center for Education Research) confirms Executive Function is central to school readiness and early school achievement.

Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child confirms early child experiences build the foundation for a skilled workforce, a responsible community, and a thriving economy. Executive function skills are essential for school achievement.

Patented Innovations in
Learning HOW to Learn

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ExQ® holds a wide-ranging portfolio of patents for our inventions in Executive Function Training, Virtual Coaching and Strategy. Our innovative patents demonstrate our mission to introduce direct, explicit teaching methodologies to improve learning outcomes for all Middle and High School students. They also speak to the fundamental uniqueness of the ExQ digital game based design and virtual learning approach.

ExQ® Patents Include:

  • Executive Function Training System | U.S. Patent 10,065,118
  • Coaching | U.S. Patent 10,191,830
  • Strategy | U.S. Patent 10,600,018
  • Remember to Remember | U.S. Patent 10,870,058
  • Self-Awareness | U.S. Patent No. 10,872,538