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There is nothing more empowering than gaining control over one’s productivity challenges, be it disorganization, poor time management or underachievement. You know intellectually there’s a way out, but you don’t seem to have the key to unlock to the code. Multiple attempts at improvement, including executive coaching, team-building exercises, and online self-directed courses don’t seem to provide the answers. The good news? There is a path forward.

ExQ Powers Your Potential

It’s time for ExQ! An exclusive, research-informed system designed to enhance the brain’s Executive Function through game-based personalized training. ExQ is an innovative new tool designed to optimize the nine core Executive Function skills for professional and social self-building skills, habits, and behaviors:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Attention & Working Memory
  • Time Estimation & Planning
  • Prospective Memory & Future Planning
  • Metacognitive Awareness & Self-Monitoring
  • Cognitive Flexibility & Perspective Taking
  • Organization & Goal Setting

ExQ offers a newly fitted lens to view the skills necessary for high productivity by recognizing “what’s missing.” ExQ games and targeted training exercises provide avenues to navigate diverse social and professional terrains. With progressive complexity and intentionally built-in distractions, ExQ games simulate disruptions and obstacles encountered in daily life and offers strategies for success.

Rooted in 20+ years of cognitive science, ExQ is an investment not only in personal and professional success, but a tool for a developing greater self-awareness and stronger motivation to lead, contribute, and inspire.

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