Servant Leader

“I teach people how to learn to think,
and how to think to learn.”

-Sucheta Kamath

Sucheta Kamath, Founder & CEO, ExQ, has always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. When she discovered the interconnectivity between language and cognition and the influence of neuroplasticity on brain-related disorders while working on her speech-language pathology degree and clinical fellowship, she knew this was how she could help.

Her revelation occurred when she met a 22-year-old woman who had a stroke during childbirth and developed Aphasia as a result, thereby losing her ability to communicate. The entire family showed up to the clinic with her and when Kamath started asking her questions, the family members would answer for the patient, not even giving her a chance to try to communicate. The concern for Kamath and staff was that if the patient did not attempt to answer, she would be unable to communicate with her baby. The woman’s mother-in-law told Kamath that the family could speak for her, so she did not need to re-learn how to speak for herself.

People suffering from Executive Function Disorders are often viewed as lazy and underachieving, when they may just be misunderstood. I am here to represent the underdog, and to help them live up to their full potential.

Sucheta Kamath

Kamath realized she could help those who were unable to communicate to become independent and find their voice.

Sucheta Kamath group photo

She became a Speech-Language Pathologist and a Linguist with specialized training in Neurogenic Communication Disorders and is highly specialized in retraining those whose brains are sufficiently equipped with a keen intellectual ability, but have a diagnosed or unidentified Executive Dysfunction, which causes internal disorganization of thoughts, ideas, and implementation.

Coming to the United States from India as a young adult, Kamath knew what it felt like to be an outsider: to not understand the culture, the traditions, or even the slang. Learning how to adapt to her new world made her think differently, and this is exactly what she aims to teach her Executive Function patients. They must learn how to see the world around them differently and learn how to adapt and think differently so that they can then change their behavior.

For more than 13 years, Sucheta has had a daily contemplative practice and is currently working on completing the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program with a focus on DEI with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.

Today, Sucheta is deeply committed to volunteerism and while serving on many boards she prioritizes her work through the lens of Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Sucheta is the Past-President of GSHA (2017-2018), founding member/treasurer of the Georgia Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (2016-current), member of the medical advisory board of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation (BAF), and an Executive Committee member of the International Dyslexia Association- GA (2015-2018). As the GSHA President, she started a weekly FREE group communication training program for the local homeless community whose members are working through personal transformation.

Sucheta Kamath group photo