PRESS RELEASE: February 26, 2020

Sucheta Kamath, Founder and CEO of ExQ®, a new cloud based personalized training curriculum designed to empower educators, clinicians, counselors and coaches to teach Executive Function skills, is thrilled to announce our Copper Sponsorship of the 2020 National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference February 26–28, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The NAIS Conference is the premier annual event for independent schools. Bringing together approximately 5,000 attendees, the Conference provides unparalleled opportunities to connect with educational change makers, experience new resources and gain new skills.

In addition to our Copper Sponsorship, Sucheta Kamath, Founder and CEO of ExQ will be exhibiting at Booth #528, sharing Executive Function Teaching Strategies and providing demonstrations of her innovative new online Executive Function curriculum.

This year’s NAIS Conference theme is Your School, Your Legacy. Attendees will be asked, “What was your beginning? Your middle? And what will you leave behind?” ExQ values the enormous impact teachers have on students every day, and will be sharing stories throughout the conference about helping students begin to understand and achieve their own personal goals through foundational learning in Executive Function skills.

In addition to demonstrating ExQ, Sucheta Kamath and her team will be offering teachers a complimentary classroom exercise called, ExQ® Superpower Hour™! A fun way to teach students the importance of practicing self-awareness so they can understand their Superpowers (strengths) and challenges to build confidence, empathy and develop a sense of purpose. This three step process is a guide for teachers to introduce the concept of self-reflection including ways to:

  1. Explore Superpower Traits
  2. Empower Super Self-Awareness
  3. Educate Students about Executive Function

Based on 25+ years hands on experience working with clinicians and partnering with schools, Sucheta Kamath knew it was important to start with the goal of providing educators with innovative technology that was designed with their needs at the center. “Our traditional educational systems lack tools and curriculum to train educators and clinicians to teach students directly about how their brain works. Executive Function skills collectively influence academic outcomes, but they have not been a part of academic curriculum nor professional teacher development. It is important to teach processes by which students can redirect their attention when they’re distracted, use effective memory skills when they know content is difficult, parse information by sorting and regrouping it so that they can express themselves effectively. That’s why I created ExQ, “shares Sucheta Kamath.
“I’m excited to empower our educational professionals with technology to build Executive Function focused coaching cultures which will allow students to identify and speak about their own strengths and challenges in learning. This kind of individualized experience can have a positive impact on their self-awareness and selfmanagement to achieve their goals not only in school, but also in life!”

About ExQ®: Rooted in more than 20 years of cognitive neuroscience and Executive Function training expertise, ExQ® is a cloud-based patented system designed to enhance the brain’s Executive Function through personalized game-based training that focuses on teaching students to learn how to learn. Learn more about ExQ® Founder and CEO, Sucheta Kamath, and Executive Function training with ExQ® for School, for College, for Work, and for Life at