PRESS RELEASE: February 10, 2021

Sucheta Kamath, Founder and CEO of ExQ®, a cloud based, patented curriculum designed to empower educators to teach Executive Function skills, is thrilled to announce the Business Associate Sponsorship of the 2020 Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) / Georgia School Superintendents (GSSA) Annual Conference.

The GSBA / GSSA Annual Conference is the premier annual event for Georgia public schools and educational leaders.

Attracting more than 1,800 elected school board members and school superintendent attendees, the GSBA / GSSA Annual Conference brings together education leaders to network and learn about the latest developments in education. The Delegate Assembly is also the business meeting of the association where each school board’s delegate can vote on legislative positions, elect officers and handle other business. Keynote speakers include: Governor Brian Kemp; Alberto Carvalho, Superintendent, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, FL; Richard Woods, State School Superintendent; Craig Lemasters, CEO & Speaker; and the 2020 GSBA Youth Advisory Council. The GSBA / GSSA Conference provides unparalleled opportunities to connect with educational change makers, experience new resources and gain new skills.

This year’s GSBA / GSSA Conference theme is Learning During Unprecedented Times. ExQ values the enormous impact educators have made on students every day, especially during these challenging times of pandemic, virtual classrooms, hybrid learning and the trauma many students are experiencing related COVID-19. ExQ will be sharing stories throughout the conference about helping teachers, students, and parents begin to understand how to build resilience and develop a growth mindset to achieve their own personal goals even in times of crisis, through foundational learning in Executive Function and Social-emotional skills.

In addition to the Business Associate Sponsorship, ExQ will be hosting a Virtual Booth experience, sharing information about Executive Function teaching methodologies, the value and importance of implementing Executive Function curriculum, sharing ExQ demos and videos, introducing an exclusive ExQ Pilot Program for qualifying Middle and High Schools, and providing demonstrations of the innovative new online curriculum, ExQ® for School.

A highlight of the event, Sucheta Kamath, will be joined by her colleague, Meredith Campbell, Senior Partnership Director, ExQ for a joint Thought Leadership Presentation on Thursday, December 3rd, 1:00 PM EST: Making the Case for Teaching Executive Function in Secondary Education; The Value and Importance of Teaching Executive Function. They will share how in recent years, scientific understanding of the brain has changed, and research has shown that cognitive brain training stimulates development and primes the brain for learning. They will also discuss how today’s schools are implementing systematic training programs to help our students learn HOW to learn and explore how teaching our students to regulate emotions and master skillful deliberation, cognitive flexibility and empathy makes a positive difference not only their academic outcomes, but also in their lives.

Based on 25 years hands on experience partnering with schools, Sucheta Kamath shares, “I’m excited to empower our educational professionals with technology and curriculum to build Executive Function skills which will allow students to identify and speak about their own strengths and challenges in learning. This kind of individualized experience can have a positive impact on their self-awareness and self-management to achieve their goals not only in school, but also in life!”

About ExQ®: Rooted in more than 20 years of cognitive neuroscience and Executive Function training expertise, ExQ® is a cloud-based patented system designed to enhance the brain’s Executive Function through personalized game-based training that focuses on teaching students to learn how to learn. Learn more about ExQ® Founder and CEO, Sucheta Kamath, and Executive Function training with ExQ® for School, for College, for Work, and for Life at