ExQ® for Summer Parent Offer

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Summer Learning Extended!

Millions of students are out of school and learning at home or online. Summer camp and leagues are canceled. Family members are taking on unexpected roles. Fall classes are in flux. Face it, our kids are dealing with a lot. So are parents! How can you help your kids not only continue learning this summer, but develop the necessary skills to tackle all the unknown issues that fall may bring? ExQ for Summer is here to help!

What is ExQ® for Summer?

Summer School, Supersized!

ExQ is a 10-week summer curriculum designed to enhance a student’s Executive Function through game-based personalized training


All of our programs are one-to-one and personalized to help your child succeed academically, socially, and emotionally

Cover the Gap, Move Forward, Be Inspired

Our one-to-one summer courses let students catch up before the fall semester and the online training is customized to best fit your learner’s needs

How ExQ

An exclusive, research-informed
system designed to enhance the
brain’s executive function through
game-based personalized training

How ExQ® Works

ExQ’s personalized curriculum teaches students about their own cognitive abilities, enabling them to be more aware of their mental processes, build resiliency, and cope with the ever-changing demands imposed by our multifaceted world.

ExQ provides individualized assessments, specific feedback, and opportunities to learn from mistakes through coaching as the students work with their strengths and challenges.

Additionally, ExQ offers teachers and parents Executive Function insights that provides a new lens to support each child’s unique adaptive abilities and their path to infinite know how.

Our exclusive ExQ curriculum prompts thinking to ignite processes essential for academic, emotional, and social well-being. Our digital gaming program teaches students to learn HOW to learn to achieve their maximum potential in school, at home, and in life.

Through effortful learning, self-reflection and strategic thinking, ExQ strengthens skills core to your students’ independence and self-sufficiency.

What Students Learn

ExQ® can be the toolset that helps them build self-efficacy through a variety of mechanisms such as:

  • Self-Awareness to build self-advocacy
  • Focus to sustain effort and engagement
  • Working Memory to follow-up with instructions, comprehend information and formulate abstractions
  • Organization and Planning to create a personal system of execution in a timely way
  • Prospective Memory to remember to remember and strategize against forgetfulness
  • Problem Solving to build successful personal solutions for the future
  • Mental Flexibility and Perspective Taking to shift approaches and build collaborative relationship discovery and avoidance in learning
  • Self-directed problem-solving
  • Personal independence
  • Course Credit~Ask your school about participation!

What’s included?

  • Personalized online curriculum focused on nine areas of Executive Function
  • Individual Learning Assessment and Profile
  • Ten weeks of Executive Function lessons
  • Module-specific game-based training with increasing complexity, challenges and scaffolded support
  • Weekly individualized feedback about self-awareness, self-correction, learning from mistakes, and self-monitoring
  • Tailored in-game goals and learning to link curriculum to real-life strategies
  • Video teaching series and opportunities for students to learn from mini lessons and engage in video journaling
  • Cloud-based access to measurable results data and Executive Function Profiles

Pricing: $1,200 per student

Offer Details: The ExQ for Summer offer is intended to be purchased by parents/guardians for their students who will be rising Middle School or High School this fall. ExQ for Summer expires on August 31, 2020. ExQ for Summer training must be completed by October 31, 2020. Only one user is allowed per login and logins cannot be shared with other users. Parents/Guardians are responsible for supervising program completion as recommended by ExQ. Other rules and stipulations may apply.

FAQs for Parents

We know you value your child receiving specific guidance to learn and develop Executive Function and emotional competence for their academic and personal success. We are excited to launch the ExQ for Summer curriculum directly to parents as a tool to help build these skills systematically throughout the summer. We would like to share a little about what to expect when your child begins learning Executive Function using ExQ.

Our hope is this section, which includes answers to the following commonly asked questions, will further explain the Executive Function learning experience your child is about to have and will show you the value of thinking about thinking in everyday learning! If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us directly.