Know HOW Students Think with ExQ for School, Executive Function Curriculum

In recent years, scientific understanding of the brain has changed, and research has shown that cognitive training stimulates development and primes the brain for learning. ExQ® for School is rooted in this scientific methodology and helps students by improving key Executive Function (EF) skills and Social-Emotional skills (SEL). Rooted in more than 20 years of neuroscience and Executive Function training expertise, ExQ is a patented, cloud-based system designed to enhance the brain’s Executive Function through personalized game-based training that focuses on teaching students to learn HOW to learn.

ExQ® for School can be the toolset that helps Middle and High School students build self-efficacy through a variety of mechanisms such as:

to assess pesonal approach and strategize for learning

Prospective Memory
to remember to remember and strategize against forgetfulness

to sustain effort and engagement

Problem Solving
to build successful personal solutions for the future self

Working Memory
to follow-up with instructions, comprehend information and formulate abstractions

Mental Flexibility
and Perspective Taking to shift approaches and build collaborative relationships

Organization and Planning
to create a personal system of execution in a timely way

Emotional Resilience
is the brain’s ability to be effective with the full range of our emotion

Strategic Thinking
is the brain’s ability to develop an approach to get things done, work around obstacles and invent new ways to solve problems

What’s Included in

  • Executive Function Assessment and Learning Profile
  • Personalized online curriculum focused on nine areas of Executive Function
  • Module-specific game-based training with increasing complexity, challenges and scaffolded support
  • Weekly feedback about self-awareness, self-correction, learning from mistakes, and self-monitoring
  • Tailored in-game goals and learning to link curriculum to real-life strategies
  • Video teaching series and opportunities for students to learn from mini lessons and engage in video journaling
  • Cloud-based access to measurable results data and Executive Function Learning Profiles
  • ExQ Virtual Coach who provides guidance and individualized feedback
  • M-E-T-A (Mindful Examination of Thinking and Awareness)™ training that includes metacognitive video lessons and video journaling
  • Measurable, secure progress data and global trends applicable to individual classrooms or across the school
  • Teacher Portal for easy onboarding, professional development and classroom teaching resources

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About ExQ®?

ExQ for School puts the student at the center of their own development giving them the right combination of support and training needed to succeed in school.
ExQ virtual IA coaching is included as a vital part of every training exercise, customized to the unique need of every student.
Come explore ExQ’s patented system, aimed at empowering teachers with meaningful professional development and personalized online curriculum designed to teach ALL middle and high school students Executive Function skills through game-based training.

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